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Peer Chat episode 4: Developing Peer Roles

In episode 4 of the Peer Chat podcast we welcome our guest Vikki Price, Co-founder of Peer Hub for a chat about developing peer roles.

The Peer Chat podcast brings you insights from people using their lived experience to support others and develop peer support approaches.

In conversation with Scottish Recovery Network’s Mark Soanes, Vikki from Peer Hub talks about some of the key considerations when developing peer roles.

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The first thing is don’t re-invent the wheel. There’s already people out there who are doing this fantastically. Often they’re user-led organisations, but they’re already doing it. A lot of stuff that I was seeing when I was working with peer support in the NHS was people trying to create something for peers, where actually there were already some good examples of that. And also not to overcomplicate what you’ve got and try and create something new for peers.

Vikki Price, Peer Hub

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