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Get the conversation going

Here at Scottish Recovery Network we want to get people talking (and listening!) about mental health recovery. We know that it can sometimes be hard to get the conversation going. That’s where we can help!

Talking about recovery can help us make sense of our experiences and inspire hope. It can allow us to celebrate our recovery journeys and share the valuable learning we get on the way. Recovery conversations connect us with others and create communities. They bring people, organisations and services together and make sure support for mental health is led by the ideas and needs of people with lived experience.

Let’s talk recovery resources

Recovery conversations are a great way to put the voice of lived experience at the heart of how you develop mental health support in your service, organisation or community.

Get the conversation started

Together we can make recovery real

Anyone can bring people together to talk about recovery. With over 50,000 views the Let’s talk about recovery animation is a great way to get started.

This short animation introduces the CHIME framework* (Connection, Hope and optimism, Identity, Meaning, Empowerment). Our work across Scotland has highlighted that using CHIME is a useful way to encourage conversations about wellbeing. It also empowers people to take local action to improve mental health support. Using the CHIME conversation cards or other Let’s talk about recovery resources with the animation is a great way to get people talking!

Run your own Recovery Conversation Café

A move away from traditional consultation

People with lived experience of mental health problems have a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills to offer. Unfortunately they often find it difficult to have their voices heard.

Providing a different approach to engagement a recovery conversation café moves away from traditional consultation. The approach creates a welcoming environment where people are not just passive responders but active participants, listening to each other and building on ideas.

Recovery Conversation Café toolkit

This free toolkit supports you to engage with people in a meaningful way. It helps you to find out what is important to them.

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Staying connected: conversation cafés in action

Using a Recovery Conversation Café approach we planned and delivered 12 online sessions. The sessions brought people together to share their experiences of staying well during lockdown.

We wanted to tap into the knowledge and skills of people across the country; particularly those living with mental health challenges. It is important that their experiences inform how we support good mental health as we move through and out from the lockdown.

The Staying connected animation and the podcast below highlight what you said is keeping you connected and well during these challenging times. You can also read the full report here Staying connected report (PDF and BSL)

This has been about more than just getting people together to talk… I have learnt a lot from the experience and it’s been great to hear about your experience, talk about my experience and properly connect with people.

Staying connected report, 2020.