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Co-designing peer support at Future Pathways: new report

In response to feedback, Future Pathways carried out a co-design project to look at developing peer support.

Taking a collaborative approach they worked alongside people with lived experience using the Future Pathways services. Partners Scottish Recovery Network, Voices for a Better Future and Iriss shared learning around co-design and peer support.

Supporting people to improve their lives and achieve personal goals is one of the strategic objectives at Future Pathways. This project provided the opportunity to explore what peer support opportunities people wanted and what they might look like. This has provided a strong starting point to develop, explore and test ideas for the future.

It’s very powerful. It’s someone seeing someone who used to be where they are now.

Participant with lived experience

Scottish Recovery Network values this opportunity to work with Future Pathways, Voices for a Better Future and Iriss to explore peer support and how it can be developed in Future Pathways. This collaboration meant that we could share our lived and learned experiences and bring a range of perspectives together to look at things in new ways. It may have been the start of a longer process but it has been one full of learning and potential.

 Louise Christie, Director, Scottish Recovery Network